Episode 8: The Double Standard in Country Music

In Episode 8, April and Karen talk about the Country Radio Seminar that took place in Nashville recently and discuss the state of country music when it comes to women working in the industry.  It’s not always easy to find a job when so many young girls are being hired.  Will experience pay off or does April need to get a face lift?  Just kidding,  but really, aging in the music industry for a woman is not the same as it is for a man. Tune in and let us know what YOU think!

Episode 7: Why Artists Fly South for the Winter

In Episode 7, April and Karen discuss the growth of winter festivals and how they have had a positive effect on the industry. Plus, we’ll share some insides scoops of some festivals we’ve attended and/or worked!  Tune In!

Episode 6: The Impact of American Idol

American Idol is in its last season, which makes some industry folks wonder if it will be missed once it is off the air.  In Episode 6, Karen and April discuss the pros and cons of televised talent shows, and how American Idol has propelled many country artists in the genre.  Tune in!!

Episode 5: Why you take the meeting…

In episode five, Nashville Uncensored has its very first guest!  John Alexander stops by to talk about his vast music history starting back in the ’80’s working with Patty Loveless. During our conversation, John explains how important it is to always take the meeting because the result could be finding a talented artist like Kelsea Ballerini!  We’ll discuss how Nashville can be a very unforgiving town but how the benefits outweigh the risks. Listen now!

Episode 4: The SECRET… to Music Row

Believe it or not, there are some people who come to Nashville thinking there is a secret to making it in the music industry.  In Episode 4, April and Karen discuss some of the misconceptions, as well as dish about the acts they thought would never make it and did and the songs they hated, but went to No.1.  Join us and find out if you agree!

Episode 3: Country Fans are the most loyal and a little crazy…

In this episode, April and Karen will share stories about some FANtastic country fans and dive into some behind the scenes of what can really happen at a meet-n-greet. Be sure to comment and let us know your favorite fan story!

Episode 1: I hate to ask, but…

Welcome to the very first podcast of Nashville Uncensored where April and Karen will give you their music background and how they ended up working and living in Music City.  Then things get real as they discuss a common question that comes up every time someone they know (or used to know) decides to make a visit to Nashville.  The conversation is always about backstage passes, tickets, meet-n-greets…and April and Karen discuss the issues and backlash it causes! Plus, listen to them talk about misconceptions of Nashville and how the hit TV show has made the small town a huge hit!